Choose from the list of services below or contact us to tailor a service to your unique cybersecurity needs.

Managed Services

    • Integrate your security tools into our security orchestration, automation, and reporting platform
    • Utilize our vulnerability assessment, threat detection, and threat prevention tools in your environment
    • Partner with us to co-manage your cybersecurity tools
    • Combine options above for a fully managed and monitored cybersecurity operation

Professional Services

    • Assess the cybersecurity risk in your environment and align mitigation investments with the risk tolerance of your business
    • Efficiently and effectively respond to cybersecurity incidents to minimize the impact to your business brand
    • Optimize the return on investment in your cybersecurity tools
    • Develop new or uplift existing cybersecurity programs, services, and practices

Talent Recruiting

    • Leverage our vast network of cybersecurity professionals to align their strengths with your business needs
    • Leverage our industry relationships to discover your next cybersecurity employment opportunity


    • Uplift cybersecurity knowledge and advance your team’s capabilities
    • Accelerate your career path by achieving a cybersecurity certification
    • Equip your organization with general and targeted cybersecurity awareness training

See our specialties for an outline of technologies, vendors, and disciplines.